HAIP goes hype

The HAIP Festival puts on display multimedia art forms resulting from creative use of open technologies and the freedom of artistic expressions in open-source media. It presents works of the young, promising artists and creative engineers on international level, who specialize in top-notch, open-standards-supported arts and multimedia art practices. The festival features individuals and groups with a critical approach towards the technologies that surround us and shape our everyday environment. They generally use open technologies, either as a practical or an ideological decision. Modern practices of technology and creativity often refer to diverse possibilities and choices at the individual’s disposal – everybody is involved in the social progress and development. And if we take a moment to reflect on what we eat, how we communicate, who dictates how we connect, interact, protest and participate, we quickly realize that it’s our turn. That is what also “HAIP” acronim stands for: “Hack-Act-Interact-Progress“.

The main line of presentation will focus on new art of free digital media - and the new media content that enabled it in the first place - while laying special emphasis on technical and legal aspects of new digital media with free access.

The idea about an open-source art festival emerged inside the multimedia centre Kiberpipa (Cyberpipe) collective, formally exsisting as a project of Zavod K6/4. As a biennial festival the first implementation of HAIP was in 2004 and the second in 2006 and they both received big success in terms of participants and resulting projects and warm reception from the public, also reflecting the fact of lack of related festivals. With festival opening topics of contemporary everyday social life we reach to the core of problematics in the field of new information technologies, media and intermedia art. We invite Slovenian as well as foreign artists and creative engineers to join our festival platform. A lot of participating artists also recieved prestigious international awards.

HAIP goes Hype is the 2009 tour, the extention and prolongation of the processes started during HAIP (hack act interact progress) 2008. HAIP 2008 is an international activistic - art - openness - project, that started in November 2008 in Ljubljana. Co-organizing and co-operating groups and initiatives are: Kiberpipa (slo), Ciant (cz), Time's Up (a), monochrom (a) and Radio FRO (a) The main topics are related to hacking, hacktivism, opensource expression, piracy, FLOSS .... and more critical approaches.