paraflows 2006



paraflows 06 - annual convention for digital arts and cultures
9 through 16 September 06

paraflows 06 focusses on the idea of a ‚net behind the net’ which can mean both the digital behind the social net, and the social behind the digital net. paraflows (the Greek prefix ‘para’ meaning: beside, near, moreover) emanates from the main motors of freedom of the net and its para-experts, the wikipedias and slashdots of all areas within which consumers help each other voluntarily to become and remain critical users and experts in their fields.

The symposium draws participants from all over the world and consists of lectures and workshops on the topic of paraflows 06: ‘nets behind the net’. The exhibition will display works dealing with the ‘social web’ focussing on the topic of the ‘nets behind the nets’. Installations and performances are meant to encourage visitors to actively participate in the event. The horizontal concept of the exhibition consciously takes on the approved principles of a decentralized organisation and of participatory practices. The exhibition will therefore be held in seven locations within the Viennese art and culture scene. The daily evening events will top off the festival and encourage participants and visitors to communicate with each other.