The exhibition paraflows 06 deals with current artistic positions within digital media and net cultures. We will present local as well as international productions which – using new media as a cultural tool – aim for a better understanding of today’s society, thus also being able to utter criticism in order to redesign society. What’s crucial is the role of new technologies in the perception and development of a new culture of the present – software and computer programming today are regarded as being a cultural technique. The exhibition will be held in various locations within the Viennese art and culture scene, ranging from art spaces to clubs, production sites and gallery spaces. Some of the projects were developed for or in accordance with the locations.

exhibition: 10 through 16 September 06, free admission
opened daily from 4 to 8pm


11:00 Artware-Lounge
12:30 Vekks
14:00 werkzeugH
15:30 Umraum
17:00 Projektwerkstatt Soho
18:30 Blumberg
20:00 Metalab

net.art brunch
daily from 11.30am to 1.30pm
For the seven days of the exhibition, there will be a net.art brunch with performances taking place at a different location every day, intended to provide opportunities for artists and producers to communicate with each other.

Sun 10.09. Blumberg
Mon 11.09. Artware-Lounge
Tue 12.09. Umraum
Wed 13.09. Projektwerkstatt Soho
Thu 14.09. Metalab
Fri 15.09. Vekks
Sat 16.09. WerkzeugH