netznetz Community Workshops

During the last couple of years numerous distinct net-culture initiatives have developed in Vienna whose main focus is to portray social interrelations of electronic networks within a participatory cultural deployment. To embrace the new cultural and artistic development, a new system of distributing funding money (MANA) has been developed in accordance with the Department of Culture of the city of Vienna which is meant to specifically support this young and vivid scene. The key-note of the new funding system is that no curator and no jury is going to decide who will get funding. In the spirit of net-culture, the choice is to be made collectively and democratically. The aim is to fund a pluralistic sector and a collaborative climate for all participants. The protagonists of the net-culture scene will therefore be able to experiment, to have a go at prototypes, to communicate their experiences, and to decide on answers together. Or, like the well renowned art organ describes the situation: netznetz „has convinced their local arts commission that software art should be funded the way it’s made: through self-organized networks of distributed activity and collaborative effort“.

Three workshops will deal with the new funding system for net-cultures:

14.09., 13:00
Workshop 1

15.09., 13:00
Workshop 2

16.09., 12:00
Workshop 3

Location: NIG, Institut für Philosophie, Hörsaal 3D,  Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Vienna

Please apply here: mana(at)

Date and time: 16.09., 4pm
Poll on various decisions in the MANA process will take place at the METALAB (Rathausstraße 6, 1010 Wien)